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Welcome to Laal's Blog!

We’re incredibly excited to welcome you to our newest platform! Here’s where you’ll get an in-depth look into how we provide resources that support Bengali womxn in the Bronx to live healthy, engaged, joyful lives!

Bengali womxn are essential to NYC’s fabric, yet, they have been rendered invisible socially and politically even though they are the backbone of this city and their families. By leading and organizing Bengali womxn, Laal hopes to build the largest Bengali voting bloc in NYC’s history. We believe that through Laal, Bangladeshi womxn will step into their power to lead change from the inside of their homes to the larger parts of society.

Laal believes in a holistic approach to the pressing, complex issues facing Bangladeshi and Bengali womxn. Through our programs, held at our headquarters, Laal Baari, Laal womxn are becoming activists themselves at the first physical space dedicated to Bangladeshi and Bengali womxn in the Bronx. From understanding and advocating for themselves alongside gender justice, land use, and environmental justice, to reproductive and abortion justice. We have created a space where womxn can step into their own power and create long-term, sustainable change for themselves and their community.

Currently, we offer ESL classes, Yoga classes, Reproductive Health classes as well as workshops like Digital Literacy and our Womxn’s Support Group. In addition, we conduct and publish research and policy memos such as our Census Initiative and Mental Health Initiative.

On our blog, we’ll be sharing news, behind-the-scenes, and more! We are excited to share our story, empowering data, and narratives with you!


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