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Wellness and Fitness Classes


It is revolutionary to have an exclusively all-womxn's space where program participants are encouraged to be physically active through structured programming. The results of the 2019 needs-based assessment further identified the need for a space with culturally appropriate exercise classes in the community. 86% of womxn surveyed wanted a class where they could be physically active, in a space for only Bengali womxn. Through yoga and spin classes, attendees are learning the importance of mental health. Many of the womxn who attended rode a bicycle for the first time in Laal’s spin classes, and have consistently encouraged their peers to attend these classes, despite navigating cultural and familial responsibilities in the home.

In addition to breaking cultural barriers, Laal’s classes are encouraging womxn to create space for their own physical and emotional well-being through action. Our wellness classes meet 2-3x per week creating an opportunity for the women in our community to have time to themselves.

As immigrants, we're often told that our parents need to sacrifice in order for their children to "make it." The idea is that they suffer now so generations later can do well. At Laal, we reject that idea. We want to make sure that our women have opportunities to live joyful lives today, now, in this lifetime. Our women have sacrificed enough. It's time that we give back to them.


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