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2021 Bronx Wide Policy Platform

Laal has joined hands with other Bronx-based residents, and community, faith, and labor organizations to create a coalition to outline systemic, city-level policy priorities and fight for a better future for the Bronx. Click to read a one pager with information about the eight core policy sectors being addressed.


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Eviction Prevention

The Bengali community is often, intentionally kept in the dark about their housing and immigration rights — creating an environment of fear, especially of eviction. Now tenants can learn about the facts and resources available to them in the Mayor's Office to Protect Tenant's Eviction Prevention Brochure, which has been translated into Bangla, as well. This was created in partnership by HPD, NYCHA, HDC, HRA, and the office of Civil Justice.

COVID-19 Facts

Laal’s community members are one of the poorest in New York. Bengalis have some of the lowest literacy rates and live in close quarters, making this a community extremely susceptible to the virus. Since the pandemic was announced Laal has been doing everything we can to educate our community about precautionary measures. Click to access a brochure on COVID-19 Vaccine myths, created in collaboration with Bengalis of New York.
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Mental Health Awareness

In the Bengali community, mental health is a topic that remains both unaddressed and highly stigmatized. Mental illness is often attributed to possession, spirits, or superstition, making this an exceptionally difficult topic to address within the Bengali immigrant and inter-generational communties. Breaking these cycles starts with understanding. Click to access a brochure on Bengali Mental Health resources, created in collaboration with the Bengali Mental Health Movement.
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