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Laal Mohila Shomiti: A Womxn’s Support Group

লাল মহিলা সমিতি


Before the pandemic, many womxn were already spending most of their time alone at home. Since the start of COVID-19, social isolation has had an even greater effect on mental health for womxn. We hope that this womxn’s only support group in Norwood, will help womxn to come together and talk about concerns that affect them in a safe space. This is also an opportunity for our members to feel empowered and find solutions to these problems, which will then potentially take a bigger role in shaping current and future Laal programs. We are never alone in the struggles we face if we only talk to those right next to us.

Topics are led by womxn and can vary from overall health, education, housing, to gardening and growing food. We want this group to be a place where womxn can forge stronger relationships and think of ways to address their concerns.

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