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Womxn in studying during our Beginner ESL Class
Laal participants studying together during our Beginner ESL Class

Laal’s Spring Programs are here and our growth is really starting to show! This quarter we are offering 50% more ESL classes at three different levels and 75% more Yoga classes!

In addition to our core programs Laal is completing its first year-long Reproductive Justice Initiative with our third and final cycle; and, we are thrilled to share that we are re-launching our Women’s Support Group, a direct action from our Manoshik Shastho, Laal’s Mental Health Initiative led by two Mental Health Professionals. It is pretty wild that this is all happening in just our 3rd year of programs!

Smiling woman wearing red traditional Middle-Easter garb
Our new Yoga Instructor, Thalia Majdalawieh

Our ESL classes support our participants to gain confidence to converse in English, navigate their daily lives in the Bronx and speak for themselves. This Spring Quarter we are offering three levels of ESL and a Conversational ESL class on Saturday. As part of our holistic approach to well-being our Yoga and Wellness classes, led by our new Yoga Instructor, Thalia Majdalawieh, our womxn are moving freely with joy! Not to mention, moving and swaying their hips to Bollywood music.

We also have some exciting workshops this quarter! To help our participants understand their rights, we will be hosting an Immigrant Rights Workshops led by Rumana Sayeed and to navigate an increasingly digital world, we are offering a Digital Literacy course where participants will learn the basics of using computers, the internet and apps. The Digital Literacy course is led by Mohua Sultana, Laal’s Program Coordinator. With these skills, our participants will gain crucial skills that will help open employment opportunities, become independent and access knowledge that will push open doors for them.

Make sure to follow us on our social media channels for a glimpse into our exciting programming quarter!

Do you want to help Laal provide even more resources to Bengali womxn in the Bronx? Be a part of helping them live their lives to the fullest by making a donation today!


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