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Laal provides resources Bengali womxn need to live healthy, engaged, joyful lives

Bengali womxn are essential to NYC’s fabric, yet, we have been rendered invisible socially and politically even though we are the backbone to this city and our families. By leading and organizing Bengali womxn, Laal hopes to build the largest Bengali voting bloc in NYC’s history.

Through our programs, Laal womxn are becoming activists themselves. From understanding and advocating for themselves alongside gender justice, land use and environmental justice, to reproductive and abortion justice.

We believe that through Laal, Bangladeshi womxn will step into their power to lead change from the inside of their homes to the larger parts of society.

Bangladeshi womxn are known to lead revolutions.

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How Laal supports our womxn



Laal programs are created by listening directly to community members and their needs



Our work is backed by facts.
Laal’s research team gathers real data so we can better support our womxn



By bringing our womxn together, we are creating an ecosystem rooted in joy,  community, and organizing 

Our Partners and Funders


“I’m excited today because I’m getting to spend time with myself.”

Sanjida Sadat, Laal womxn

Laal Yoga Class in June 2022, led by Sahreen 'Shah' Quadir


“We Have to Survive”: Meet NYC Immigrant Women Fighting for Their Communities During the Pandemic

Laal's feature on the Fuller Project by Tanvi Misra

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