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Zakeyia Sadique

জাকিয়া সাদিক

Beginners & Intermediate ESL Instructor

Zakeyia Sadique.jpg

Zakeyia Sadique (she/ her) is from the district of Faridpur Bangladesh and is one of Laal's ESL Instructors. With Laal’s ESL beginner and intermediate curriculum, Zakeyia helps the women speak and write English. She tries not only to be an instructor when she teaches but also to be the student's friend. Zakeyia and her students have great chemistry in the classroom. Zakeyia works at an after-school program where she provides homework help to elementary students.  She enjoys working with them because they also teach her new things. She also likes to cook different dishes and collect souvenirs from the different places she’s traveled. 

In Zakeyia's own words, “In our community a lot of women don’t know how to communicate with other people especially when they are in new environments. I want to do something for the womxm in my community and this is an opportunity for me to support the womxn.”

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