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Sumera Kokab

সুমেরা কোকাব

Outreach Coordinator 

Sumera Kobab.jpg

Sumera Kokab (she/her) is one of Laal's Outreach Coordinators. Sumera attended SM Law University in Karachi, Pakistan for two masters in Law & Politics. She has been involved in the Pakistani community when she lived in Karachi. She was an active member in college and loved supporting other women to reach their full potential through education. She is fluent in Urdu and Punjabi and although she lived in Karachi, her family is originally from Sialkot. Sumera is very proud of her culture and enjoys sharing it with the Laal community. Sumera says she has experienced similar struggles with the women at Laal, however, she never lets these struggles define them but rather serves as motivation to fix problems in culture and society.

Sumera has been at Laal for four years and has seen Laal grow tremendously. She has always felt a sense of joy and fulfillment being at Laal. Through Laal she is able to connect more with other women, make friends and expand the Muslim/South-Asian community. She is happy to see how accepting Laal has been her as a Pakistani woman and she has been motivated to bring new members to Laal. She has gained skills to confidently talk to others in English and assist other Pakistani members in learning English.


In her own words, "Laal has always been such a great personal and professional support to me where I am able to expand my thinking and see this world from a different perspective especially when it comes to learning about culutural barriers and how I too can break them so that my daughter and the future generations will not have to deal with the traumatic experiences some of the women at Laal have dealt with."

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