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Mohua Sultana

মহুয়া সুলতানা

Programs & Research Coordinator


Mohua Sultana (she/her) is Laal's Programs & Research Coordinator. Mohua started at Laal as our Research & Policy Coordinator but now oversees Programs.


Mohua holds an MA in South Asian Studies Columbia University where she focused on the importance of understanding Bangladeshi Muslim (and diasporic) identities in order to create sex education curriculums that are relatable to Bangladeshi Muslims. She would like to ultimately develop curriculums and strategies to improve the sexual health and well-being of the community. Mohua was drawn to work for Laal because “it advocates for everything [she is] passionate about and strives to find solutions to deep-rooted issues within the Bengali community". 


In her words, "Bengali women need a space for their voices to be heard and their needs to be met in addition to having access to resources for their overall well-being; Laal does precisely that. Laal’s mission, ‘literacy means liberation’ resonates with me because I truly believe knowledge is power and no one can take that away from anyone.”


Mohua also has a personal project known as The South Asian Feminist on Instagram. You can check out @thesouthasianfeminist_  for educational content related to the South Asian experience. She is also working on a website to give The South Asian Feminist a bigger platform where others can contribute.

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