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Khadija Kolya

খাদিজা কোল্যা

Events Coordinator 


Khadija Kolya (she/her) is Laal's Event Coordinator. Khadija finished secondary school in Gujarat and received her high school diploma at Evander, located in the Bronx, once she immigrated to New York in 1997. Previously, she was an assistant at a Bronx daycare for two and a half years. In addition to Laal, she works with the U.S Census and does annual door-to go outreach as well as poll work during election season as part of the Board of Elections. She also volunteers at Learning Leaders, assisting public school teachers at elementary schools. 

Khadija joined Laal as a student first and enjoyed being a part of Laal so much that she wanted to work for Laal. She loves how active Laal is in the Bronx community and believes there is a need for more organizations like Laal to help our women and children grow the skills to become more independent. 

In her own words, "I have four sons and through Laal I have had the opportunity to talk to them about topics that have been considered taboo such as materials I have learned from Laal's RJI class. Through Laal I have been able to find the power within myself to advocate for not only others but for myself as well. I am excited to see where Laal's growth goes and how I can continue to support Laal's mission."

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