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Rumana Sayeed 

রুমানা সায়ীদ

Program Assistant & Instructor for Citizenship Prep


Rumana Sayeed (she/ her) is the Citizenship Prep Instructor as well as Beginners ESL Instructor, hailing from Borishal Bangladesh. Currently, she is working towards helping the women in our programs grasp a basic understanding of reading and writing in English, which is extremely exciting for her. Rumana was one of the first women to participate in Laal’s programs in the beginning, and it is now a dream come true for us that she is leading them.

In Rumana's own words, “25 years ago, I lost track of the things that made me happy. At last, I get a chance to do it all at Laal. My inspiration comes from Sanjana, pushing me in everything toward my goals. I’m totally geared up to be strong mentally and now also physically, thanks to our Wellness Coordinator Sahreen. Thank you to all the members of LAALNYC.”


Rumana loves challenging herself to do exciting things like cooking, fishing, taking pictures, and learning new things along the way. 

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