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Laal’s programs take a hollistic approach to tackling larger systemic issues in our community

Our classes provide an opportunity for womxn to get to know each other and create a community for themselves. As immigrants, we're often told that our parents need to sacrifice in order for their children to "make it." The idea is that they suffer now so generations later can do well. At Laal, we reject that idea. We want to make sure that our womxn have opportunities to live joyful lives today, now, in this lifetime.


Our Programs


"মানসিক সাস্থ্য"

Manoshikh Shastho: A Laal Mental Health Initiative

We are conducting a carefully designed assessment survey of 300 womxn, using materials accessible entirely in Bangla and Sylheti, the Bengali dialect most spoken in Norwood.


“লাল বাগান”

Laal Baghan: A Community Garden

This community garden will be tended by our womxn and will serve as a safe place for womxn to come together, discuss pressing issues, work with soil in planting medicinal food/herbs, harvest produce and share with each other.


"লাল মহিলা সমিতি"

Laal Mohila Shomiti: A Womxn’s Support Group

This womxn’s only support group in Norwood, Laal Mohila Shomiti, will allow womxn to come together and address the problems they are facing, the concerns that they have, and possible solutions that would work for them, all in a safe space.


Laal x Dhaka Discount Grocery Food Pantry

Laal has partnered with NYC's Test & Trace Program and Dhaka Discount Grocery in Norwood to hold a food pantry, with generous support from the New York Foundation.


Conversational English Classes

We hold three Beginners, Intermediate, & Advanced ESL courses (according to their level) each week. These classes foster a safe space for our womxn to gain the necessary literacy and linguistic skills to adapt and acclimate to life in the Bronx.


Wellness Classes

We facilitate an exclusively all-womxn's space where program participants are encouraged to understand, celebrate and nourish their own bodies through structured and culturally appropriate classes and programs.

15_LAALX copy-01.png

LAAL X: A Worker-Owned Cooperative

This worker-owned cooperative initiative was launched as an educational and economic tool to help educate and prepare the community for the second-wave of COVID-19.

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