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Nurshat Pasha

নুরশাত পাশা

Programs & Social Media Manager 

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Nurshat Pasha (she/her) is Laal's Programs & Social Media Manager. Nurshat is a life-long creative whose background in film includes directing, editing, and producing. She is the Program Manager for a production studio based in Brooklyn as well as Social Media Manager and content creator for clients in real estate, fashion, and film. 


Nurshat wanted to be a part of Laal because it was important to her as a Bangladeshi-American Anthropology graduate that she use the experience she has garnered towards helping her community. When she found that Laal was an organization that directly gave Bangladeshi womxn the love, attention, and resources they so rightfully deserved in the first place, she knew she had to be a part of it. It spoke to the love she has for her own mother, and conversations they had growing up where she always pushed for her to secure her own education and financial stability because she never had the opportunity to do so after leaving everything behind in Bangladesh. 


'Liberation through literacy' being Laal's driving force was inspirational to Nurshat, and its centralization around Bengali womxn carrying revolution in their blood lit a fire in her that she thought had been lost a while ago.

Nurshat holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology and Film Studies from Pace University - Peace & Justice Studies Brooklyn College. 

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