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Hamida Chumpa

হামিদা চম্পা

Programs & Research Associate 

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Hamida Chumpa (she/her) is Laal's Data and Research Coordinator & Reproductive Health Manager for Laal. She currently works at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, designing data-driven programs and community outreach initiatives that address structural health inequities in the Bronx. She has years of experience in creating accessible healthcare systems for immigrant communities through her work with Aspen Global Innovators Group, International Planned Parenthood, and the NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs.

Hamida was drawn to Laal's investment in the Bengali womxn immigrant community, which has historically been neglected both in the U.S. and in Bangladesh. Hamida believes the most impactful work is done on the ground on a community level and Laal's vision of intergenerational healing through collective organizing and sisterhood aligns with her own values. Hamida dreams of a day where Bengali mothers are empowered to put their needs first and not be constrained by socio-cultural barriers.

Hamida is a Macaulay Honors graduate of Barcuh College where she Majored in Biology and Sociology.

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